Argenteria Artigiana Donato Zaccaro
Sdrucciolo de' Pitti, 12-14 Rosso

50125 - Firenze, Italia
Tel. +39 055 212243 / 287050
Fax +39 055 212243



The Product Catalogue  is composed of objects for common use, or giftware. The objects are rendered precious and elegant due to the harmony of forms and the colours of the metal.

Fruit Stands Candlesticks
Bowls Chalices
Cheese Dishes Pen Holders
Dishes Table Sets
Boxes Trays
Sugar Basins Vases

 Various Objects

Little Glasses & Cups   Holy Water Stoups
Bottle Stands Napkin Rings   Bookmarks
Letter openners Pensil holders
Soup Tureens   Little Plate
Gifts   Jewellery


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